Leroy Brownlow

Leroy was born April 30, 1914, on a farm in Cooke County to humble, loving parents. At age 17, after enrolling at Southern Methodist University to pursue an engineering degree, he was baptized into the Lord Jesus Christ and that changed everything. Dr. Paul Witt, a family friend, mentor and chemistry professor at Abilene Christian College, encouraged the talented young man to attend ACC and become a preacher. He graduated with honors in 1937 with a degree in Greek and Bible.

Leroy preached for several churches in Texas, but served the longest at the Polytechnic Church of Christ in Fort Worth, during the years of 1943 to 1965. Polytechnic Church of Christ was the forerunner of Bridgewood Church of Christ in Fort Worth.

He loved God and God's people, choosing to devote much of his time to ministry rather than other business interests. A man of tireless energy, Leroy worked diligently during the day tending the large church flock. At night he wrote texts for Bible study books and gift books of encouragement and inspiration. His three most successful titles were "Flowers That Never Fade," "Today Is Mine" and "Why I Am A Member of the Church of Christ," which had sold more than 1 million copies since being written in 1945.

Leroy's interest in writing and self-publishing books eventually became Brownlow Publishing Company, which he started with his son, Paul. Several of his 35 titles are still being sold today in bookstores all across the country.